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Oct. 17th, 2010

sheila // u.u


Yes, I still breathe. Yes, I should have made this post earlier. Yes, I suck in general. I just feel such a disconnect from this journal that I have not gotten around to updating or logging in OTL

I've actually moved to aentee a while ago, but never got around to making that change here. I guess it's because I've always used this particular journal for iconing... so I never really thought about it until I myself started iconing again asfuhdfhs;

So yes, I am a terrible friend so for those who still has me on their f-list, I'm very sorry. If you are still interested in me for some inexplicable reason, I'll be glad to have you at aentee.

I'll still leave this journal up because all my oldest icons are here and awww, I can't get rid of that, not even out of shame XD But otherwise, goodbye all~!

Mar. 21st, 2009

sheila // u.u


Took my brother to the hairdresser today upon his request. He is getting incredibly vain these days... Me thinks he is in love. I am feeling somewhat miffed over this. Is this what they call Empty Nest Syndrome??? *bricked*

In better news though, I found Shojo Beat today in Borders ;____;♥ I've searched high and low for this magazine so I am very happy <3 In a few days I will come to the realisation that paying so much for a manga magazine is just stupidity, but for now let me squee over it.

And now, time for some meme~~
This I got from Michi (harlequins)
1. how's college? ;A;
TOO.MUCH.PHYSICS. Other than that it's good as I only have 1-2 lectures a day XD But all my spare time is then devoted to studying for physics anyway (or it should be... if I stop coming online so much 8D) I also have a Philosophy test on Wednesday and I've only turned up to 2 of those lectures this year orz... I blame the early start it has :D

2. when is that icon post
When I figure out how to make pretty non-Clamp icons XD I'm not as into Clamp series anymore but apparently I only know how to make Clamp icons orz... And I'm mostly on my laptop now which fails, because it only has Photoshop 7.0 I want my CS3, with its pretty photo filter function <3

3. if you could meet anyone on your flist, who would it be
Bah I can't choose, how about a huge (or not so huge cos my f-list is um, moderately sized 8D) LJ union.

4. what have you been reading/watching
Too much manga for my own good XD Most recently I read a couple of volumes of Swan, hooray for totally girly ballet manga 8D And a couple of days before that I read Pluto by Naoki Urusawa, which was absolutely awesome, I enjoy this one a lot more than his Monster. As for watching, hm... the Korean version of Hana Yori Dango. And the lameness that is New Zealand's Next Top Model ): I cringe in shame for my country.

5. what's better: being loved or loving someone unconditionally
I haven't been in love for a while now (well on my way to being the dried up old ladies I use to fear) so experiencing that again would be nice. But... I WANT BOTH >) *greedy*

And um... apparently people can comment on this post and I will also give them 5 interview questions if they wish. Or something like that 8D

Mar. 12th, 2009

touya /  fufufu

bad bad uni!

The first semester of our year started last week, and waking up at 5:30am to go lecture every morning sure takes some getting used to -__-;;; As does my tiny Optometry class of 40 people XD We don't even fill up the tiniest lecture hall they have to give us, it is sort of sad ;~;

Anyway, my complaints today will be directed towards Viz Media. They licensed Kimi ni Todoke, which is all well and good, but what's with this cover?!. So fail, so ugly... it looks like the designer took about 2 minutes putting it together on Photoshop. This had better not be the end product ;__; Just when I thought they were getting better at this cover design business after being impressed by Otomen volume 1.

Luckily, on the manga front, there is the return of Nodame Cantabile after many long months to keep me happy :3

And it also seems the scary happenings in my neighbourhood has decreased considerably with the cold weather :) Thank you for the concern of those who commented in the last post, I am fine and will try my hardest to continue to be :D

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touya /  fufufu

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